About us

Vivendi Health Center is a new concept of outpatient health center that specializes in stress and an unhealthy lifestyle-induced health disorders.

Our approach to patient is based on an integrated medical professional work, working with people as a whole, taking into account all the origins of the disease – biological, emotional and social.

We believe that the treatment effectiveness is based on implementation of therapeutic lifestyle changes so that the health improvement would be the long-term.

There are following specialists available in the Health Center – a general practitioner, internist (internal disease specialist), cardiologist, neurologist, algologist (pain specialist), physical therapist, psychotherapist, psychosomatic medicine specialist, psychiatrist, nutrition specialist and masseur.

In the Health Center it is possible to receive advice, make laboratory and clinical investigations, preventive examinations and treatment, including specialized therapeutic lifestyle change programs.

Both traditional and commonly used medical techniques are combined in patient treatment in order to achieve the desired goal more effectively – a healthy and happy person.

Specialists of Health center Vivendi offer regular educational lectures and seminars for businesses and anyone interested.

Each of the health center Vivendi offered services and advices to patients is available in Latvian, Russian and English.

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