Psycho-emotional health – the cornerstone of well-being

Insomnia. Why are we talking about it and what do you know about it?
IBS: The role of psychoemotional factors and dietary recommendations
How to take care of yourself in times of crisis?
Support for children in situations of the crisis
Happiness hormones - what they are and how to boost them naturally
From daily stress to burnout syndrome
Psycho-emotional health. Depression prevention
How to lay the foundations for a child's emotional well-being

Personality growth, strengthening of work capacity

How to avoid of thinking mistakes and make more effective decisions?
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Why Can It Be More Important Than A High IQ And A Successful Resume?

The body is our home - movement, posture, energy

Exercises at work to improve concentration, reduce tension
The scourge of prolonged sitting - what is it and how to deal with it?
Everyday health promotion habits
Active movement break for office workers

Nutrition – the best medicine

Healthy eating breaks in the workplace
How to eat healthy and delicious when there is lack of time?
Practical lesson – a master class of healthy, delicious and easy to cook dishes
Nutrition for energy and productivity
Healthy nutrition for office workers
Nutrition for heart health
Basic principles of healthy eating

The head – the tool of our work

Do you have a headache? An alternative to the pill - physiotherapy
The head – the tool of our work. What to do so that the head does not hurt?

General health – how to protect yourself

How to recognize the risk of heart disease and what to do?
How to protect yourself from cancer (oncological disease)?
What are antioxidants - how do they help reduce the risk of aging and disease?
Habits or addiction?


Determination of antioxidant levels (Biozoom)
Determination of body weight

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