Massage and aromatherapy

Massage and aromatherapy

Massages are recommended for everyone - starting from patients for whom it is prescribed from a doctor, till for those who want to relax after a busy day, recover from daily stress or improve their well-being.

During the classical therapeutic massage, various techniques are used – stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. Tissues are mildly or moderately severely mechanically irritated and it improves the flow of tissue fluids, lymph and blood, promotes the body's regeneration, strengthens the immune system. Massage also improves tissue elasticity and skin bleeding. The neuroeflector effect of massage is also important – mechanical irritation is transformed into signals that carry information to the nerve centers in the spinal cord and brain.

Facial massage improves the well-being and firmness of facial skin, as well as reduces stress and has a positive effect on overall welfare and mood. There are a lot of biologically active points on the face, so massage provides improvement for both beauty and health, creates mental and physical comfort.

Aromatherapy massage for the whole body, using essential oils, allows you to enjoy complete peace and relaxation. Renew energy and increase well-being.

To sign up for appointments, classes or programs at the health center "Vivendi", please use the electronic application form!

After making an appointment, the reception staff will contact you within 12 hours of receiving your application by sending an e-mail or calling the telephone number provided to confirm your preferred time for a visit to the chosen specialist.

Registration without confirmation by phone or email is not valid!

If you want to refuse or transfer the appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the unvisited service in the amount of 50%.

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