Preparing for the visit

Preparing for the visit

The first visit to a specialist is important, because during this visit the doctor learns about the symptoms of your disease, and in turn, you understand the possible causes of the disease and the most effective treatment methods. For the visit to be successful, it is necessary to prepare for it, thus facilitating mutual cooperation.

Before the visit:

  • Observe conditions that exacerbate or relieve headaches;
  • Please take with you: examinations, tests, conclusions of other consultants (if any), hospital statements, list of medicines you are taking or have taken. Examinations made several years ago may also be useful, and may be important information for the doctor in diagnosing headaches and planning further examinations;
  • Interview your immediate family members and relatives about your headache experience, as migraines are often inherited;
  • Think about all the questions you want to ask the doctor.

To sign up for appointments, classes or programs at the health center "Vivendi", please use the electronic application form!

After making an appointment, the reception staff will contact you within 12 hours of receiving your application by sending an e-mail or calling the telephone number provided to confirm your preferred time for a visit to the chosen specialist.

Registration without confirmation by phone or email is not valid!

If you want to refuse or transfer the appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the unvisited service in the amount of 50%.

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