Agnese Zagorska


Agnese Zagorska

Clinical and health psychologist

Everyday life is full of different events. We experience laughter and tears, both through achievements and victories and through failures and losses. Every experience forms our personality, every challenge and test teaches us something, every emotion gives us some information. However, how to recognize it, how to learn to really hear, see, understand ourselves, others and events around us? 

The psychologist gives the client the opportunity to find answers to such frequently asked questions - what ?; why?; what kind of?; what does this mean ?; what do i do with all this now ?; how do i get to this end?

All of these issues are highly interlinked and have a significant impact on our mental world and mental health. Man has a natural tendency to find explanations, because if we can give structure to our fear of the unknown, if we find order in our chaos, the anxiety will subside and the world will become safer in our vision.

I have always been fascinated by people's diverse life stories, experiences and worldviews. That is why I have connected my professional and academic interest with the cognition of a person's personality. By studying how the structure of a person's personality is formed by the interaction of personality traits, environmental and cultural aspects, and how a dysfunctional profile of personality traits (Personality Disorder) can develop under the influence of various and long-lasting emotionally traumatic life factors.

I specialize in working with adolescents and young people on personality and emotional difficulties / disorders (eg borderline disorders), dissociative disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, LGBTQ clients (gender identity and sexual identity issues, gender dysphoria, transgender people), clients with experience of violence or other psychological trauma, phobic anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenic spectrum disorder.

I do psychological research:

  • adolescents and children from 6 years of age (research of intelligence; assessment of cognitive processes - attention, memory, thinking; research of emotional and behavioral spheres);
  • for adults (assessment of cognitive processes - attention, memory, thinking; emotional and behavioral spheres; personality sphere research).

Professional experience

  • Psychologists Certification Council, Certificate in Clinical and Health Psychology No. 1300712
  • University of Latvia, Master's degree in professional higher education in psychology and qualification of a psychologist (clinical psychology)
  • University of Latvia, Certificate on the right to run a parent training program "Children's emotional upbringing"
  • "CAMS Training for Assessing and Treating Suicidal Risk," CAMS-care, LLC, UK
  • "Issues in Assessment of ADHD in Both Clinical and Research Settings: The Significance of Obtaining Valid Data", Multi-Health Systems Inc., USA
  • Dissociative disorders - development, diagnosis, therapy, "Latvian Society of Psychologists"
  • "Behavioral activation in depression or behavioral activation in depression", Latvian Psychological Association

Professional experience

I have supplemented my professional and personal experience both by studying in Latvia and by living in Great Britain for several years and getting to know people's personalities from the point of view of different and diverse cultural environments and life trends.

  • Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Center, Outpatient Center "Pardaugava" – work in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, psychological research, psychological counseling
  • Riga City Council Welfare Department in cooperation with the association "Education and Support for Latvian Families" – Head of Support Groups; "Support group for single parent families"
  • European Social Fund project – PuMPuRS – Support to reduce early school leaving
  • Latgale Regional Support and Crisis Center "Rasas perles" – psychological rehabilitation for children and families victims of violence, psychological research
  • “VSIA“ Hospital “Gintermuiza” ” – psychological research


"The Relation of Competition Anxiety to Body Self-Esteem and Eating Disorders Characteristic Behavior of 16-18 Year Old Athletes in Objectively and Subjectively Judged Sports"

"Relationship between personality disorder features included in the DSM-5 alternative personality disorder model and MMPI-2 test scales"

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