Aija Libere


Aija Libere


Specializing in human metabolism and eating behaviours. Mainly provide consultations for clients who are struggling with disordered eating, especially binge eating and emotional eating. Patients with specific nutritional needs such as intolerances, vegetarianism, veganism or simply have a desire to improve one’s eating habits are surely welcome!

As a clinician I use weight inclusive and Health at Every Size® approach, which means my main focus is on improvement of client’s quality of life, not changing the appearance of the body. I address clients individual psychological and daily stress aspects, to investigate the particular struggles and to apply the most adequate steps for the current life situation. In my practise I largely use Mindful and Intuitive eating principles, as this, in my opinion, is the most effective method for healing persons relationships with food and body long-term. International studies have given me a wider professional perspective in medical area as well as the art of cooking. I am a true believer that food must be not only nutritious, but also easy and delicious. Let me teach you the skill of pleasurable eating, sensible meal planning and recognising your body’s internal and external signals, for you to be able to make the most favourable life choices, focused on well-being and your life’s best potential!


University of Lisbon, Faculty of Medicine, Master's degree in health care with specialization in metabolic diseases and eating behavior, from 2018 to present

Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Rehabilitation, Bachelor's professional degree in health care, Nutritionist qualification, 2018

Professional experience

Conducting lectures on healthy eating in various Latvian cities

Several years of experience in cooking

Regular attendance of conferences and seminars in the field of health care.

Membership in associations

Member of the Latvian Association of Diet and Nutrition Specialists.

Language skills

Latvian and English

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