Diana Strake


Diana Strake


Massage increases mental capacity, reduces fatigue and stress. Beneficial for the cardiovascular system. As a result of the massage, blood flows from the internal organs to the skin and muscles, and venous blood circulation is facilitated and accelerated. It promotes multiple increases in the performance of tired muscles.

I like to use essential oils in my work, because any massage with the use of essential oils becomes even more effective. This is a good way to improve well-being, because the essential oils enhance the healing effect of a regular massage, enriching the manipulations with additional properties. The components of the essential oils, which are part of the massage mixture, enter the circulatory system through the skin and enrich all the cells of the body.



Pauls Stradiņš Medical College of the University of Latvia, Therapeutic massage, 2014 – 2016

Professional experience

VSIA P. Stradina Clinical university hospital

Membership in associations

Member of Latvian Association of Physical medicine


Speaks in Latvian and Russian. 

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