Ilze Oiguse


Ilze Oiguse

Ayurvedic masseuse

I was encouraged to turn to Ayurvedic medicine by my interest in this ancient system of healing, which is based on both healing and lifestyle.
Ayurvedic massages can be applied to keep in shape and feel good, as well as in cases when, in addition to the treatment of traditional medicine, there is a desire to try one of the non-traditional or integrative medicine methods. With the help of these massages you can get rid of stress, relax or, on the contrary, cheer up.

The knowledge gained in traditional medical studies helps me to understand each patient's needs more professionally and to apply the most appropriate type of massage to him or her.


Association of Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy, non-formal education program "Ayurveda", 2019

RSU School of Public Health, Master's program in Public Health, 2005

Riga Medical Institute, doctor-dentist qualification obtained in 1990.

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