Dr. Janis Buss


Dr. Janis Buss


I consult people who suffer from various mental disorders, as well as recommend preventive or protective measures to prevent the further development of the possibility of illness or disorders. I got acquainted with the patient's medical and psychiatric history, evaluated the patient's general physical and psychological condition, used various diagnostic methods. I provide recommendations for the prevention of mental illness and disorders and psychiatric rehabilitation taking into account the biopsychosocial model of these disorders. As well as advising patients' relatives on the health of their relatives, as well as discussing further treatment tactics and their opportunities to contribute to the improvement of the patient's health.


Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Continuing Education, residency, specialty of forensic psychiatry expert, 2016 - 2018

Riga Stradiņš University, Faculty of Continuing Education, residency in the field of psychiatry, certificate of a doctor-psychiatrist, 2011 - 2015

Certificate obtained in the Latvian Medical Association to practice in the method of testing the effects of alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances in 2015

RSU Faculty of Medicine, doctor's degree, 2005 - 2011

Pedagogical activity within the residency for medical students, as well as conducting classes and seminars for social care workers in psychiatric rehabilitation and care institutions.

Regular participation and supplementation of knowledge in conferences and congresses of various levels in Latvia and abroad in psychiatry, psychotherapy and other fields

Professional experience

Doctor-Psychiatrist VSIA "Hospital "Ģintermuiža"" Outpatient service, 2015 - present

Doctor - psychiatrist VSIA "Hospital  "Ģintermuiža"" Department of Admission and Intensive Care, 2015 - present

Doctor - psychiatrist VSIA "Hospital "Ģintermuiža"" Department of Long-term social care and social rehabilitation for adults 2015 - present

Doctor - resident in the specialty of psychiatry VSIA "Hospital "Ģintermuiža"", 2013 - 2015

Work experience in the inpatient, reception department of neurotic and mood (affective) disorders, inpatient, outpatient mental health days, child psychiatry, narcology, Minnesota programs and adolescent drug motivation department

Doctor - resident VSIA "Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Center", 2011 - 2013

Work experience in neurotic disorders and subacute department, mental disorders day inpatient multi-professional team, acute disorders inpatient department, admission department

Data entry operator VSIA „Hospital„ Ģintermuiža ””, 2010 - 2014

Nurse Riga Hospital "Bikur Holim" Palliative Care and Chronically Ill Rehabilitation Department, 2009 - 2011

Membership in societies and associations

President of the Young Psychiatrists Section of the Latvian Psychiatric Association, since 2014

Member of the Board of the Young Psychiatrists Section of the Latvian Psychiatric Association, since 2012

Member of the Latvian Psychiatric Association, since 2011

Language skills

Latvian, Russian and English

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