Pain is a warning signal needed for the body to survive, it tells you that something in the body is wrong.

In some cases, there are disorders and changes in the mechanisms of pain transmission and transmission that change the sensations of pain, making them chronic and difficult to treat. Pain therapy means not only the use of painkillers, but often – in the treatment of the causes of the pain or the underlying disease – to organize the physical body and emotional sphere, to stabilize mental functions.


Headaches are becoming more and more common in the busy rhythm of life – 8 out of 10 people experience them at least once a year. Headaches are divided into two groups - 1) primary headaches (if they are only headaches) and 2) secondary if the headaches are caused by an some illness.

The most common are primary headaches: migraine and stress and tension headaches

People who do not pay attention to headaches and hope that they will go away on their own do not consciously allow them to progress, so the prevention and treatment of headaches is very important, i.e. see consultation with a doctor.

Migraine treatment

The best way to help patients with pain is with an algologist or pain doctor, dr. Daina Jegere and dr. Linda Zvaune, who has mastered pain diagnostics and treatment methods.

If necessary, a physiotherapist, a psychotherapist and other team members will be involved in the treatment.

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