Group classes

Group classes

Group classes at "Vivendi" are not your typical loud music, fast movements and encouragement calls from coach classes. Our classes are oriented on quality movements and correct technique, improving social skills, providing psychological support and increase motivation from each other. Come and see for yourself!

At the health center "Vivendi" it is possible to attend several group clasees: 

  • Therapeutic gymnastics (medium intensity) – during the lesson general developmental exercises are performed under the guidance of a certified physiotherapist, which are mainly aimed at strengthening the corset muscles. By improving the strength of deep muscles in troso you also reduce back pain. We especially recommend this session for sedentary workers and people with posture problems, but anyone who wants to improve their physical and emotional well-being is welcome.
  • Physical fitness training (medium/high intensity) – during the lesson general developmental sets of exercises are performed under the guidance of a certified physiotherapist, aimed at strengthening the body muscles and increasing cardiovascular strength. The lesson will be suitable for anyone who wants to improve their level of physical fitness and well-being.
  • Conscious gymnastics (low intensity) – lesson is built on elements of yoga, pilates and other deep-strength and stretching exercisess to improve strength, flexibility and learn about breathing techniques and body awareness therapy. The lesson begins and ends with a supine position - to calm the mind and focus attention for a moment here and now. The goal of conscious exercise is to reduce stress levels, anxiety and stimulate better self-awareness - both physical and psycho-emotional factors. Please warn physiotherapists before the session in case of any specific health problems in order to adapt individual exercises.

! Please note that group classes are not organized during Covid-19!

To sign up for appointments, classes or programs at the health center "Vivendi", please use the electronic application form!

After making an appointment, the reception staff will contact you within 12 hours of receiving your application by sending an e-mail or calling the telephone number provided to confirm your preferred time for a visit to the chosen specialist.

Registration without confirmation by phone or email is not valid!

If you want to refuse or transfer the appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the unvisited service in the amount of 50%.

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