Basic Body Awareness Therapy

Basic Body Awareness Therapy

Basic Body Awareness Therapy (BBAT) is a physiotherapy approach based on the premise that a lack of contact and awareness with the physical and mental aspects of a person, as well as with their environment and the world, can lead to impaired movement quality, pain and reduced ability to function.

Body Awareness Therapy aims to create new movement patterns, including a reflective conversation with the physiotherapist about the experience of movement, facilitating the person's learning and understanding process, and helping to achieve the goals of more functional movement quality, improved well-being and overall health.

BBAT consists of simple and gentle movements that comprise our daily lives - lying down, sitting, standing, walking. By learning the aspects of movement, the individual learns a more functional method, flow, rhythm and intention in the coordination of movement.

Body awareness therapy requires only minimal equipment, to resemble daily life as much as possible, so that elements of the therapy can be integrated into daily activities, for example at home or at work.

Research has documented patient experience and the effectiveness of the method, for example in people with rheumatological conditions, chronic pain, eating disorders, anxiety, depression. Depending on the person's health condition, BBAT can be a stand-alone method or a complementary method to, for example, psychotherapy and/or standard physiotherapy. 

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