The Schroth method

The Schroth method

The Schroth method is the most popular physiotherapy method used in Latvia for the treatment of scoliosis, and it has been proven in several scientific studies around the world. Only physiotherapists who have been trained and certified in this method can use it to treat scoliosis.

In the treatment of scoliosis using the Schroth method, the patient:

  •  learns how to reduce spinal deformities;
  •  trains to strengthen the postural muscles;
  •  learns the correct breathing technique to dilate the concave areas of the body and restore the movement of the ribs;
  •  learn postures that minimise asymmetrical loading on the spine.

Zane Rožkalne, a physiotherapist and certified Schroth Method therapist at the Vivendi Health Center, advises and treats children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with scoliosis.

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